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Sad Love Status in Hindi for WhatsApp and FB

girl sad whatsapp status

आँखों में कौन आ के इलाही निकल गया,
किस की तलाश में मेरे अश्क़ रवां चले।

sad boy whatsapp status

रोने की सज़ा है न रुलाने की सज़ा है,
ये दर्द मोहब्बत को निभाने की सज़ा है,

हँसते हैं तो आँखों से निकलते हैं आँसू,
ये उस शख्स से दिल लगाने की सज़ा है।

sad whatsapp status

जब जब तुमसे मिलने की उम्मीद नजर आई,
तब तब मेरे पैरों में ज़ंजीर नजर आई,

निकल पड़े इन आँखों से हजारों आँसू,
हर आँसू में आपकी तस्वीर नजर आई।

heart touching whatsapp status

मेरे अश्क़ तेरी बेरुखी का एहसास हैं,
तेरी याद में ये फिर बेगाने हो चले।

whatsapp heart touching status

आँखों में आँसू लेके होठों से मुस्कुराये,
हम जैसे जी रहे हैं कोई जी के तो बताये।

Check out the Sad Love Status in Hindi for WhatsApp and FB. A broken heart means broken promises. They used to expect you two to go on a tropical vacation or walk down the rose petal alley, and now you know these things will never happen. I am sure you will like these broken heart states. If you really like these quotes/statuses, you can download them directly and share them on social media sites with your friends and loved ones.

A broken heart means a broken brain. You find it hard to concentrate on work. you find it hard to motivate yourself to encourage you to do your homework. you find it hard to meditate on anything other than the one that left.

A broken heart means low energy. There is no reason for you to face the day because the only thing you expected to do is no longer supposed to happen.

A broken heart means broken promises. They will not have the hope that only two will take this tropical vacation or walk down this corridor of rose petals, and now they recognize that these things will never happen. you feel that you have nothing to expect. As if all your good times had passed.

A broken heart means isolation. You change dates with people because you still can’t go out. He ignores his best friend’s phone calls because he really doesn’t want to talk to anyone. You are hiding away from the planet.

broken heart means confusion. Stay awake longer than you should, looking at your ceiling and thinking about all the ways it will be better. All the explanations for which I could have decided that I no longer loved

A broken heart means loneliness. You reach the opposite side of the bed and then remember that you are alone in your room. You look for your phone and then remember that you have no one to send SMS.

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