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Happy Rose Day 2022 WhatsApp Status, Rose Quotes Images

rose day quotes in hindi

न तुम्हें होश रहेऔर नमुझे होश रहे
इस क़दर टूट के चाहो मुझे पागल कर दो

rose day sms

उँगलियाँ फेर मेरे बालों में
ये मेरा दर्द – ए – सर नहीं जाता

hindi love shayari

गर सुकूँ चाहिए इस लम्हा-ए-मौजूद में भी
आओ इस लम्हा-ए-मौजूद सेबाहर निकलें

hindi shayari and sms

कब नहीं नाज़ उठायें हैं तुम्हारे हमने
देखोआंचल पे सजाये हैं सितारे हमने

shayari in hindi

धीमे सुरों में कोई मधुर गीत छेड़िए
ठहरी हुई हवाओं मेंजादू बिखेरिए

Hello Friends

Check the best and unique collection of Rose Day Status. Rose day is one of the days of Valentine’s week. This is the first day of that week. I am sure you will like these Rose Day Status. If you really like these statuses, you can directly download it, and share it with your friends and loved ones.

Rose day is one of the days of Valentine’s week. This is the main day of that week. On this day individuals who like or love somebody exceptional in their life approach them by giving rose especially a red rose on the rose day. Also, more often than not it really works.

The primary day of Valentine’s Week is commended as Rose Day. Valentine’s Week begins from 7 February and finishes on 14 February. On this day, the couple gives each other a rose and welcome Valentine’s Day and express their adoration. With this, they additionally do extraordinary date plans with one another. Giving heaps of roses to your precious ones, disclose to them how extraordinary they are for you.

The Red Rose symbolizes sentiment, at that point, the yellow roses are given to dear companions. On the off chance that you are something beyond a companion yet not exactly a sweetheart, you can introduce a pink rose to your unique companion. On the off chance that you are furious with somebody, at that point it is added acceptable to overlook the old things of the day and broaden the hand of kinship once more. For this, you can give a bundle of white roses to that individual.

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