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Ghazal Poetry & Shayari of Popular Poet – Abdul Hameed

urdu ghazal and sher

انکو عہد شباب میں دیکھا
چاندنی کو شراب میں دیکھا

آنکھ کا اعتبار کیا کرتے
جوبھی دیکھا وہ خواب میں دیکھا

داغ سا ماہتاب میں پایا
زخم سا آفتاب میں دیکھا

جام لاکر قریب آنکھوں کے
آپنےکچھ شراب میں دیکھا

کسنےچھیڑا تھا ساز مستی کو؟
ایک شعلہ رباب میں دیکھا

لوگ کچھ مطمئن بھی تھے پھر بھی
جسکو دیکھا عذاب میں دیکھا

ہجر کی رات سو گئے تھےعدم
صبح محشر کو خواب میں دیکھا

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A Brief History of Ghazal

Ghazal is an Arbic verse structure got from the North African Arabic term ghzl , significance yarn. Another importance of Ghazal is “discussions with ladies” In structure it resembles Petrarchan

The direction of the ghazal is not normal for that of whatever other scholarly structure that has had a past filled with crossing past its spatial limits. A short visit through the entries of this graceful structure and its different courses would uncover the two its uniqueness and all-inclusive intrigue. When the ghazal moved out of the Arabian Peninsula, it found a cordial space in medieval Spain where it was composed both in the Arabic and the Hebrew dialects. In one more occasion, we have the ghazal connecting with west African dialects like Hausa and Fulfulde.

Indeed, even while these ghazals built up their own imprints, they additionally held near the Arabic model by holding the customary Arabic meters and structures. It was just when the ghazal arrived at Persia in the eighth century that it began building up its own shapes even while it didn’t altogether withdraw from the proper examples of the Arabic ghazals. Afterward, the Persian ghazal obtained its positive character when it built up its own complex stamps in restoring the matla, the first sher of the ghazal, and developing an example of holds back (radeef) as the last unit of articulation in the second line of each sher. It likewise characterized the length of the ghazal from seven to 15 shers, and cleared a path for the artists to utilize their mark in maqta, the last sher of the organization.

Outside of Arabia, where it begins, and of Persia, where it has created, it is in India that the ghazal found its most neighborly objective. Regardless of the way that ghazal in India a portion of the time returns to the thirteenth century in the progress of Amir Khusrau, its Urdu indication is precisely recognized in Mohammad Quli Qutub Shah around the second half of the sixteenth century and Vali Deccani in the following century.

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