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Das Ve Ladayi Yaara Kithe Ni Hundi, Tere Bina Mood

Das Ve Ladayi Yaara Kithe Ni Hundi
Tere Bina Mood Off Tere Pyar Da

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Everyone’s needs are different. The best way to make sure your needs and those of your loved one are met is to talk about them. To help another person feel loved, you need to convey this love to him in words and deeds. Some ways to do this include showing that you care about them, making them feel special, telling them you love them, and doing things for them.

Say Good Morning to Your Loved Ones


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#Urdu Shayari

علاج یہ ہے کہ مجبورکردیاجاؤں ورنہ یوں توکسی کی نہیں سُنی میں نے

#English Quotes

If you fail, never give up because FAIL means First Attempt In Learning.

#Urdu Ghazal

اور تو دل کونہیں ہے کوئی تکلیف عدم ہاں ذرا نبض کسی وقت ٹھہر جاتی ہے